• SOMEONE: Like seriously?! HAHAHAHAHA SLR. Was playing HOC
  • ME: Yep! HAHAHAHA. No problem. :)
  • SOMEONE: Hahahahahasola. XD Yow.. Tuod.. Kuhaun na nimama ang ipad. 44 minutes late nko. XD (My Mom will get the iPad now. I'm 44 minutes late.)
  • ME: Okeyyyy.. Bye bye! Good night. Good morning!
  • SOMEONE: Good night! :D Good morning! :)
  •  After a few minutes, he's still online..
  • ME: Pst.
  • SOMEONE: Yow.
  • ME: Ingon matuyog na? (You said you were going to sleep?)
  • SOMEONE: Ga-CP ra ko. (I'm on mobile) Oy (Hey!) Oki rakaw? (Are you okay?)
  •  ....
  •  You know what sucks? You keep on asking me if I have something to say yet you were just strumming your freaking guitar. You think I'd say those three words (I miss you) first? I'm not stupid or at least not this time. I'd keep on telling myself, "If you miss me, you'd be the first one to make a move!". Well, that did not happen. Not yet or possibly never.

I wanted to be positive of the road that I’m currently in. I want to make the most out of the bad times and rejoice at the peak of the good ones. Hell yes, that could be done. I should just enjoy the ride - sit back and relax.

White Smoke

After a long deliberation of what course to take, I have decided to be a *insert drum roll here* a Psychologist! Yes, you’ve heard it right. Almost all of my entrance test results circle in to one dream (except of UPCAT *sigh*). Psychology, my first choice. Following the steps of my ever supportive doctor, Mrs. Jacqueline Espina for bringing in the confident and self-supporting Grace. She has been my inspiration, helping people with ADHD, like me. 


Mindanao State University-System and Admissions Scholarship Exam (Iligan Institute of Technology)  result (above)


Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) - College Entrance Exam result (above)

And to my Mom, who has been in support of my actions since Day1 of defying my father’s choices. A huge gratitude is given. I may not be an honor student in my 4 years of battle but I am going to graduate in a school where all doubts were suck in. Ma, you were a sunshine in my gloomiest days.You gave me positive outlooks in life. Here you are, advising me to follow my dreams even salary’s a big question. You told me to go wherever I am happy, may it be a high paying job or someone in the dumpster. I won’t let you down. I promise.

Choices are just beginnings filed with sugar coated promises. Yet for a world full of hope, I will listen and be the best I could be.

Why, yes.

This is me. This is me holding back. Course? Undecided? But if you’ll ask me, I’ll pick Psychology in every aspect. It just boggles my mind if I have a shot. If money won’t be a question and my dreams we’re as important as my brothers, why not be a neurologist? But the truth slaps me so hard, my thoughts concave.

Opting for my second choice, Mass Communication? Sure? I guess not. I still want to be a lawyer or a doctor. Money is a huge issue. Time is one hell of an ass too. How about Computer stuff? Wait, what? I don’t really know. My NCAE Occupation Test came up and I found myself intrigued with the results. Cyberservices? You mean geek-grace stuff? As expected. 

Maybe I need.. I need to float in a sea of relentless freedom where time and money isn’t an issue and I’m going to see myself years from now happy. I wish. Wishes. For now, I want to try something new. Something the inner geek-i-ness blurts out until I found everything interesting. 

Confession in the making: I deleted and blocked someone…

and I don’t even regret a bit. Here’s the thing about yourself, I was gone yet I didn’t get the ‘chase’. Your eyes may seem to twitch, “Who are you anyway?”. Well, I’m just your ugly bestfriend who treated you great but when I told you I was going overseas to study next school year, you started to drift away. Why? I don’t know. I wish you the best , flirting with your crush. I hope she’d say yes and you’d live a crap-free life together - NOT!

I deleted you… from myself. I needed to. The move was healthy for me; physically and emotionally. So here’s to emotions that I needed to pour out that I have bottled up all these weeks. I’m speaking up, no need for your extra comments though. 

I blocked you.. to get any communication from me. Who are you to speak to me? You piece of grateful soul! My cousin was right, I should stayed away from you. I should have listen to her. She was right. You.. you.. you heart crusher

Here are my last words.. FAREWELL AND GOOD RIDDANCE!

Mahirap pa lang maghintay sa mga bagay na walang kasiguruhan.

Nakakapagod ring umasa.

Alam mo yung mahabang i-solve? Linear Algebra! Hindi kinaya ng bangs ko ang kahabaan sa process ng pagsolve sa mga systems of linear equations. Kaya nga nagsisimula pa ang 1st quarter noon, bumili ako kaagad ng record book. Oho, record book talaga. Mahaba kasi tapos marami kang masusulat. Okay. Lez do this LinAlg! Bawiin ang 85. Gorabells na!

Nasulyapan ko yung average grade ko. Nalungkot ako. Akalain niyo 89.(something) lang. Grabe, disappointed ako sa sarili ko.

Pero kahit na ganun iyon. May naconclude akong theory..

Therefore I conclude, mas mabisang pampasipag ang broken heart sa akin kaysa inspired. Mainam rin ang pagpaiyak sa akin. Nakakaganang mag-aral ng mabuti.

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