Why, yes.

This is me. This is me holding back. Course? Undecided? But if you’ll ask me, I’ll pick Psychology in every aspect. It just boggles my mind if I have a shot. If money won’t be a question and my dreams we’re as important as my brothers, why not be a neurologist? But the truth slaps me so hard, my thoughts concave.

Opting for my second choice, Mass Communication? Sure? I guess not. I still want to be a lawyer or a doctor. Money is a huge issue. Time is one hell of an ass too. How about Computer stuff? Wait, what? I don’t really know. My NCAE Occupation Test came up and I found myself intrigued with the results. Cyberservices? You mean geek-grace stuff? As expected. 

Maybe I need.. I need to float in a sea of relentless freedom where time and money isn’t an issue and I’m going to see myself years from now happy. I wish. Wishes. For now, I want to try something new. Something the inner geek-i-ness blurts out until I found everything interesting. 

Mahaba-habang Araw

Examination Results. Youtube uploads.  Downloads. Medical tests.

Anong similar sa kanila? Yun, naghihintay ka! You wait for those not knowing what could happen. Passing or failing? Upload done or error? Same old stories, same old pulse-stopping moment. All at once. 

Nakakawindang naman talagang ibahagi ang mga kinatatakutan mo. Natatakot kang mag-error. Natatakot kang hindi ka makapasa. Natatakot kang positive ka na pala sa ano sakit. Wala na bang mas hahaba pa sa araw sa ganitong palagay? Hindi ba’t kay sarap i-fast forward ang oras para hindi ka na kabahan?

Ayoko talagang i-share to pero wala namang (yata) mawawala. Anyway, may mga bagay na hinihintay hintay mo gaya ng isang reply galing sa taong matagal mo hinahanap. Nagdadalawang araw na yata kang nag-iisip kung bakit hindi siya rumereply. Hindi ko talaga mawari kung bakit ganito.

Ano kaya magandang gawin? Ikaw, nakaranas ka na ba ng ganito? 

Voiceout: MMK’s “Palda” Episode

I’m the ‘Grace Lou Marie’, the one who likes to dress up. I’m the one who’s liberated insights in life questions other people’s view. Yet, I don’t regret a thing. Most people (even classmates) here look at me as if I’m lost, since they prefer the good ‘ol jeans and shirt. But things got rough…

Months ago, I had to deal with a controlling bestfriend (ex? maybe?). He told me once, he hated my guts for wearing mini shorts and  stunting  them in public. Who was I? Do I think I had beautiful legs? I may not have no good body but I have confidence and good sense of style. I felt overboard and was pissed off.  I’ve only met him a few months and this is what I get? Something was wrong, I was sure. 

Here comes the MMK episode aired today which made me interested (bestfriend memories and shit). I was surely pissed off. You don’t change because someone told you so! If someone is in deep affection with you, why can’t they accept the real ‘you’ in every aspect of their brain? And for the man, I hate guys like them. They actually think they’re the alpha male but no… DONT LET THEM CONTROL YOU!


I’m that kind of girl.

I get easily jealous even the minute details of your story. I’m a little hurt when I see you liking a photo or just merely talking about her. I don’t really mind if she’s an ugly creature or what.

You know why? I’m scared. I’m scared that one day you’ll find someone better than me. I’m scared that I’ll be replaced. I’m scared that when you’ll wake up and you know what you want but it’s not me. I’m scared knowing that any time, I could lose you.

Independence Day?

Hindi naman yata. Hindi naman parin tayo nakakawala sa impluwensya ng US. Naasan ba ang independence diyan? Nasaan na ba ang sense ng pagiging malaya?

Yung feeling na…

binabalewala ka lang ng mga taong pinapahalagahan mo.

Naghihintay sa Wala.

Mahirap maghintay ng txt msg galing sa isang tao. Lalo na’t kung napakatagal kang nakikipagtitigan sa phone mo. Kinakabahan ka kung anong magiging kahihinatnan ng ‘conversation’ niyo. Hindi mo alam baka maya-maya hindi na siya magreply. Nagkakabog na ang dibdib mong nag-iisip baka na bobored na siya sa ‘yo. Yung mga tipong ganun, yun yung nakaka-abala sa kaibuturan ng utak mo. 

Minsan nga, nakikipaglokohan yung telecommunications companies sa’yo. Yung tipong delayed yung messages? Natutulugan mo nalang yung ka-text mo. Yung ‘good night’ mo sa umaga pa niya narerecieve. 

Nakakadagdag lang ng kaba ang mga ganitong pangyayari. Lalo na’t may gusto ka sa isang tao or importante sa’yo. 

PBB Teens Edition 4 Issues: A Response

Landian (Flirting) - This is partly acceptable since most of the youngsters of today are aware of this funny game called flirting. Who ever flirts the most wins the guy. To prove my point, this guy friend of mine shared this story on how a girl courted her. I was like, “Really? DAFUQ lang?” & “Ang gwapo mo naman (kahit hindi masyado)”. I couldn’t blame them really. It isn’t their fault that they’ve fallen ‘head-over-heels’ to this guy and he won’t return the favor. (See: Persistence)

Paasa (Giving false hope) - Girls? I know you’ve felt this too, right? When you think that both of you have this cosmic connection and he gives you mixed signals but at the end of the thread he leaves you behind. You ended up hurting and loathing his existence. This issue is definitely viral. Period. (See: Douche Bag)

Katakawan (Gluttony) - This isn’t really new to us. We all have this friend who keeps the food all by him/herself. But I think, what’s heavy to think is the fact that they live in one house where they are almost supplied everything. I don’t think that there’s still an excuse to hide or store foods. (See: Patay Gutom)

Maturity - Maturity isn’t always about the age. It’s about how you react on certain things. It depends on your mind and experiences. They’re the ones that mold you. (See: Act-Your-Age Excuses)

When you’re young..

When you’re young, all you care is this fun game called LOVE. Everything that continuously matter is finding the right guy that would swoon you over your feet, makes you feel important and will be there for you no matter what storm will come. You also try to formulate your ideal prince; whether he’s hungry or maybe funky. You make it a point to look for all these impossible qualities in an ordinary person who’s trying to win your affection. But the truth is, none of these really matter as long as you find him and you’re trully enigmatic. It’s like being with his side is heaven. 

But sadly, as your relationship grows older and longer, you begin to compare them with the ones that is shown in the movies or with your friends. Then, you realize what you really want and constantly applies it with your own. That’s when you get into an argument (or maybe that’s not really the reason but you will get into an argument), exchanging opinions, voices increase and tears in your eyes. When the climax comes, both of you will suddenly think if your relationship is worthy of all the odds. If it is, the two of you will reach places. You’ll have plenty of fights every now and then. However, you’ll surpass every obstacle in the way and maybe for infinity. If not, it will be the end of the two of you, you’ll both return to what you really started… mere strangers. And all of those firsts and moments will fade into oblivion, all that’s left is a box of memories.. that’s either the two of you will treasure or just the other way around,

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